Share this post. It may be two Grand Theft Auto generations and 11 years old, but GTA: San Andreas is still very much alive. Filed under: Allods Online Forum ... Is this game still worth playing ? < > ... Hell yes. - posted in GTA V: Ive been contemplating to play the online version of GTA V... however Im worried about being on a server full of noobs will completely ruin the game for me. GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist; 15 games worth playing after you finish the story. I play online on PS4 and it works fine. Gta 5 online is not free! Is GTA V still worth playing three years after it's initial release? This game is so old school and gta 5 is so much better than this game but it is still worth playing. It may be two Grand Theft Auto generations and 11 years old, but GTA: San Andreas is still very much alive. I haven't played GTA V yet, but I think IV is worth playing because you could probably pick it up for pretty cheap and playing around in Liberty City, while not as expansive as V, is still a great time. Solo player. Page 1 of 3 - GTA Online still worth it? ... Do people still play GTA IV online? ". Page 1 of 2 - Is playing the online version worth it? Grand Theft Auto: Online is the future of the series, and to play it you get a bonus single-player game. I have played solo since the beginning and still have a blast. 5+ PS2 Games Still Worth Playing [MUO Gaming] ... What follows are five+ PS2 games that are still worth playing today despite their age and ... Grand Theft Auto ... Far from the best GTA, but still worth playing if you can get it for cheap. I dont want to just blow up other peoples vehicles. Do the GTA IV and EFLC online modes still work? It's GTA afterall. This reddit community is dedicated to the game Grand Theft Auto. Is GTA V Worth Buying? This game isn't worth playing now, nor was it really worth playing back then. Specs will play GTA 5 just fine. Theme . I've never been the biggest fan of the story or Niko but it does the job and provides many fun missions. Let us know in the comments below! As of right now, it's the 9th most played game on Steam with 54k people playing right now. Why Grand Theft Auto V is the best game of 2016 even after three years. Yes you will get kicked form lobbies on jobs at times but I wouldn't say the game is unplayable. Does the game still have online play as well? And lots of people still play GTA 5 as evidenced by the lack of price drop. And so this month, Grand Theft Auto has finally, fully transitioned into the game its been morphing into since GTA Online first released. I never was into the Online part but still play the SP every now and then. Is GTA V Worth Buying? The update was Free that means gta online was free. Is the game still worth playing as a newcomer? The only bad part about online (in my opinion) is the hostile online lobbies. Is Gta V Still Worth Playing, Download the latest released Bollywood HD Movies, Games and Software directly from Torrent. For PlayStation 3 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "is GTA IV still worth playing? ... - Subreddit dedicated to GTA Online! ... GTA 3 Is GTA III still worth playing? This week, Rockstar is re-releasing Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 and Xbox One. I am not a big fan of PvP when it comes down to